Personal Training

You will work hard.  You will get uncomfortable.  You will sweat.  You will be equipped with the information and tools to take with you anywhere to perform the exercises you need to be your best.  Action precedes Change.  How do you change?  You let go of feelings, emotions and you DO!!!!

You will not get bored!  And most importantly you will create change in your body, mind and spirit.

Certified Wellcoach
I have worked with a wide range of folks:
  • Teenagers in need of foundational structured exercise routine.
  • Training the High School athlete to get ready for College sports.
  • The Mom juggling life of work, kiddos, and household.
  • The executive who is stretched for time and convenience as they travel.
  • The person who manages a life with chronic disease or injury.
  • Depression, anxiety, body dysmorphia, addiction’s
  • The outdoor enthusiasts
  • The weekend warriors
  • And first time 5k’ers….
Personal Training Workouts
Heidi Rendina: Personal Trainer
Personal Training Workout

Fitness • Exercise • Sweating • Movement

Wherever you are in terms of fitness, I will meet you there. Do you think you are too far gone, or you cannot? If that is how your mindset is right now, you are a perfect fit for Fierce Grace Wellness. We will work together to create an exercise plan tailored to what works best for you to achieve your goals.

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