The battle for our health is fierce!

I know this firsthand; my labor to a peaceful place of well-being has been my life’s journey to this moment. I have found that with an honest, true, passionate mindset, you can go farther, dig deeper and reach heights that you may never have imagined possible. I’m proving that to myself every day and even though I’m a work in progress, I keep working at it!

For as long as I can remember I leaned into exercise to protect me, to keep myself safe.  I could control that when everything else around me felt out of control.   My younger years were mostly about looking better, and it was not until later in life I discovered it was about feeling better, taking care of myself No Matter What.  No Doctor prescribed medications, diets, or intensive exercise routines could give me what I needed to be healthy.  I had to do the hard work of getting rigorously honest.  Where was I abandoning myself to what the world would have me look like, perform like, to receive praise and instant gratification.  Despite what I really needed to be well.   I was quarreling with myself my whole life, in a disease of self against self.  My journey has taken me through to now, standing in love and light with you.  The transformation of mind, body, and soul to be fully aware, awake, and alive to our fullest potential of health and well-being is our greatest glory to ourselves and our fellow human beings.  

 Which brings me back to the battle….. after completing my education through Wellcoaches school of coaching and ACE personal trainer’s certification, I am now in the position to help others reach their health and wellness goals. 

Are you ready to fight back when life beats you down? Are you ready to rise up? Are you ready to meet me wherever you are on your own journey? Are you ready to achieve balance? When you’re ready, I’ll be right there with you. Let’s do this!

You are Loved ❤ Be Brave Fierce Unstoppable